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Gale Information Technology (Gale IT, LLC) is a veteran owned, woman owned small business (WOSB) specializing in advanced Cybersecurity, Information Assurance and  Information Technology systems and services to federal government, state and local law enforcement agencies and private industry.    

  • Cyber security policy development,implementation and compliance

  • Software and hardware acquisition, installation, maintenance, and support

  • Cyber security support & training

  • Support for all versions of Windows, MAC, LINUX, HP, Red Hat, UNIX, Solaris

  • We are cleared to operate on SCI systems.

Our IACIS® certified team includes former local, state & federal law enforcement officers and licensed private investigators with unrivaled experience and credibility.   

  • EnCase® Forensic Edition and EnCase® Enterprise Edition to scale to investigation

  • Computer Forensics & Incident Response Solutions

  • Large-scale investigation capabilities

  • Court-tested methodologies

  • Data retrieval & recovery from all sources

  • Discovery, Incident Response, Compliance and Risk Auditing

  • Consultants with law enforcement backgrounds and extensive expert testimony experience

  • Our IACIS® and EnCase® certified personnel maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in dealing with computer forensic evidence and act in strict accordance with the laws of search and seizure, and with the rules of evidence.  This includes evidence that may be hidden, concealed, encrypted, password protected, 'set' with software time-bombs, Trojan horses, or other destruction devices that could destroy the evidence, the computer, or both.

What Can Gale IT Do for You?
We are located in the Washington, D.C. metro area and can serve your business no matter where you are in the world.   We welcome the opportunity to review Teaming Agreements from larger defense contracts  
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